Photo of the Day: Akaroa

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Today’s photo was taken in the French-infused town of Akaroa, New Zealand. Located on the Banks Peninsula near Christchurch, Akaroa was sleepy and fog-draped when I visited in May. But it was also absolutely beautiful.

Akaroa, Banks Peninsula, New Zealand

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  • rob says:

    Beautiful shot.

    I went hiking *way* above Akaroa before heading to the town. A good choice, as the weather turned very windy and a little rainy later in the afternoon. But I guarantee you I got a shot of the caldera that 99% of tourists don’t get, as it requires a good hour of hiking pretty much straight up to get it :)

    • DangerousBiz says:

      Your shot is beautiful, too! No views like that would have even been possible on the day I went – it was too cloudy/foggy! But the town was still so pretty.

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