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Today’s post is sort of a catch-all for things I’ve read/thought about/done this week that haven’t really fit into any other subject I’ve written and posted about. So they get their own oddball sort of post to round out the work week.


A few weeks ago, I discovered this neat hobby called Postcrossing. The basic premise is, you send postcards from your home state/country to strangers around the world, and you get postcards from different strangers in return. It’s great for stamp and/or postcard collectors, or travelers who are currently grounded and hungry for something travel-related. In addition, it struck me as a cool concept, because I very rarely get physical mail that I actually WANT to receive anymore. Bills, junk mail, coupons — I could do without them all. But the prospect of a postcard from some far-away land makes me excited to check my mailbox everyday.

I received my first postcard this past week. It came from Blankenburg, Germany, and was written to me in German (because I put on my profile that I speak a little bit). I was thrilled to discover that I could actually understand the fun facts written on the card — that Blankenburg is in the Harz mountain range, which served as one of the dividing lines between East Germany and West Germany after World War II, for instance. It’s been years since my last German class, but it’s nice to know that some of that knowledge is still lingering around somewhere in my head.

Weird Hotels

While browsing various travel links last week, I stumbled upon this slideshow over at Budget Travel. It consists of photos of 20 weird hotels/hotel rooms around the world. I thought it was interesting. I especially got a kick out of the circus room at Propeller Island City Lodge, and the Upside Down Room at the same location.

Which of these hotels woould you stay at? Any you wouldn’t?

Cedar Point

On Wednesday, my boyfriend and I made a trip to Cedar Point, a large amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio. It’s a prime spot for thrill-seekers, boasting the most roller coasters of any amusement park in the world (it has 17). Four of these coasters have hills over 200 feet tall, and more than a few of them can easily satiate the desire of an adrenaline junkie like me.

When I was younger, my family used to make annual trips to Cedar Point. My first roller coaster was the Magnum XL-200, which held the record for a while of being the tallest coaster in the world with a hill over 200 feet (some say the Magnum, which opened in 1989, started the roller coaster war that’s still raging to this day). From that first ride on the orange giant, I was hooked on roller coasters.

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve been to Cedar Point, though. The last time I was there was after Millennium Force opened in 2001. At the time, Millennium broke all coaster records, with a hill 310 feet tall and speeds surpassing 90 mph. But Cedar Point has broken even more records since then. It broke its own records set by Millennium with the opening of Top Thrill Dragster in 2003, a strata coaster that shoots riders 420 feet into the air at 120 mph.

I rode Top Thrill for the first time on Wednesday, and all I can say is: WOW. Cedar Point seems to just keep thinking up cooler and cooler things to build to scare the pants off of riders.

More to come on Monday about my trip to Cedar Point – possibly even with video footage!

Upcoming Adventures

Next week, I’ll finally be on the road again, traveling. Mind you, it’s only a 10-day trip, and almost 8 of those days will be spent onboard a cruise ship with the rest of my immediate family. But still. I’m getting out of Ohio.

If you’ve read my post about the first steps to planning a trip, then you know that I’m headed to Seattle, followed by an Alaskan cruise next week. I’ve never been to Seattle, or any part of Alaska, so I’m super excited. I can’t wait to see the Space Needle, visit (and smell) Pike Place Market, and then go on to cruise past mountains and glaciers — among many other things. And, of course, I’ll share all of my adventures here.

I get to tackle packing this weekend. Then, once in Seattle on Thursday, I get to plan out how to amuse the rest of my family for a day and a half. I have plenty of ideas up my sleeve, but there’s always room for more. Any suggestions for things we should see/do?

Have a happy weekend, everyone!

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